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  • Chandelier long ago became more than a simple light source – it is also an important element of the decor, which can be the final focus of the composition. The first pendant lamps (chandeliers current...
    Dimmer or dimmer – it is the power switch and light intensity control. In fact, its design is similar to the switch, but still functions   brightness control. It is both energy savings and longer...
    Modern technology has made more efficient hand tools - chisels replaced the hammer, electric drill replaced the mechanics in the theodolite and levels were electronic computing modules, and conventional construction string, squares and plumb lines,...
    Currently, the technology of the preparation of various cement-concrete mixtures used two types of mixers: gravitational (free) and forced mixing. The gravitational agitation is carried out in a rotating drum equipped with blades by repeatedly raising...
    Concrete with bootstrapping - unique to the market of machines, commonly used today in more than 140 countries around the world in the manufacture of concrete. Concrete with bootstrapping differ from conventional concrete mixers that do...
    A little more than 100 years of aluminum, rare and expensive material has become a necessary part of our lives. Areas of application are expanding more and more, respectively, increasing consumption. It is a...
    Application scaffolding starts to recede into the past. In their place comes to modern technology - mast hoists working on electric drive. With their help, working together with the instruments can...
    It's no secret that in the past few years, the volume of construction in St. Petersburg increased significantly. Not familiar with these statistics, the output is possible to do raided one of the sleeping areas...
    In every industry, there are tasks that are associated with a compound of the metal parts: getting reliable hardware, the connection of large diameter pipes, connect the various body parts of the car and...
    For welding roofing membranes used manually, semi-automatic and automatic welding equipment, as recommended by the company – manufacturer and specifically designed for welding of thermoplastic membranes the flow of hot air. Never...
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