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  • What makes the color of the room? What influences the creation of the atmosphere of the room?   Of course, the details. Whether it is curtains, carpet, figurines, lamps and wallpaper. This article will focus on fixtures....
    Power cables are the main conductors of electricity, delivering it to homes, enterprises, and public utility facilities, etc. That's why the cabling work – an essential part of any building. Wiring in industrial premises To...
    Very often, after the completion of the object it is necessary to bring to it all the necessary communications, including electricity. Consider for these purposes ICAM cable, which is used to transmit electrical signals with...
    Not every field there are brands whose name became synonymous with the product name. Cable systems are not as massive goods to one of the marks on the market could become an icon of the...
    In recent years, most of the modern buildings have been designed the installation of suspended ceilings, which are considered the best solution for homes and offices buildings. This type of ceiling coating is durable,...
    The new generation of lamps U21 from the French manufacturer Legrand for a long time will be the best solution for emergency lighting.   Emergency Lighting Luminaires U21 carefully adapted to enhance the security of...
    Any electrical work is a complex technical exercise, requiring operating personnel to have certain necessary knowledge in the field of electrics. Otherwise, the commission of this kind of work on their own...
    This superb range of different luxurious finish, which is suitable for sophisticated interiors – buildings and premises, which are designed in a traditional, classical architectural style. The use of high quality materials and finishing...
    Aesthetic functionality – Is not this the goal? Welcome page range Elegance with Merten System M. Uniform system in a variety of combinations, each of which is staggering. Finely-designed line of Elegance with Merten...
    The house with stunning interior design electrical devices must comply with the general style. Switches and sockets should be chosen as thoroughly as the other elements of decoration. Elegance, embodied in the line...
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