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  • Let's start with the ubiquitous nauseam phrase. Electricians sometimes joke: « electrical engineering - the science of contacts ». It is always in the repair wiring always have to contend with the lack of contact. Indeed,...
    1. How to find a place of breakage of cord? In order not to cut the wire in different places, you must do this: connect through a defective appliance (iron, tile and so...
    What could be more romantic candlelit evening with a mysterious cold sparkling champagne? And if you have to light a candle because the regular power outages, champagne in the fridge for a long time...
                                                          If there is a separate stolovaya, it is recommended to treat its coverage with special attention. The formal approach may lead, for example, to the fact that the beautiful chandelier...
    The power supply system for a country house is more important than a city apartment. If the city power outage causes a minor inconvenience for the city it can lead to a...
        electrical light switches, dimmers (dimmer) - variety, installation methods and tips on choosing. Finally, changing the flat, I got rid of the invention of a domestic Kulibina with a tricky name < Pull switch &...
    Chest cable – This Korobov Industrial cabling boxes, made of metal increased thickness (1,00-1,50mm). In this way, they have a large margin of safety and can be applied in all sectors of the economy for electrical...
    Nursery — a special room in the house, if only because of its basic « inhabitants » They are children. And if in the living room, bedroom, study a lot of attention paid to the...
    Due to the popularity of energy-saving lamps on Russian market there was a set of lamps, the main advantage is the low price. However, reducing the cost of the lamp is achieved at...
    Most of the old buildings, and almost all modern homes electrical wiring is carried out in a single aluminum wire insulation. This often-section of the wire is calculated based on power consumption of...
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