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  • Laser precision in construction.   Modern technology has made more efficient hand tools – chisel replaced hammer, electric drill replaced the mechanics in the theodolite and levels were electronic computing modules, and conventional construction string, squares...
    1. How to find a place of breakage of cord? In order not to cut the wire in different places, you must do this: connect through a defective appliance (iron, tile and so on....
    Sometimes, late at night go out to the balcony to smoke – and the thoughts turning over a tired, run away, and thoughts, mostly sad. About the fact that here again detained salary, and...
    Usually in the junction box has a hook on which hung a chandelier or lamp. The hook is screwed into the plastic box. Over time, the plastic loses its strength and luster may fall. So...
    Hidden wiring Most private homes and almost all apartments wiring hidden. When installing concealed wiring in plaster walls and ceilings punched shallow grooves into which fit the electrical wires. After completing wiring be plastered with...
    We have become accustomed to the   built-in appliances: washing machine, oven, refrigerator, grill and even a   coffeemakers. They are comfortable, beautiful, save the free area, and   an excellent job with their responsibilities....
    Diversity and   high consumer qualities of light bulbs that are now available in the   stores simply dazzling! When selecting the light source must be remembered that the lamp power   - this is...
    new age has come, and now replace the "light bulb Ilyich" are new lighting technology. Today the heroes of the day are conductively lighting system. About them we will talk in this review. So, there...
    Every day we use the sockets, switches and lights, not giving them a special meaning, and sometimes not even noticing. All of these seemingly minor details, not only provide comfort but also support our health,...
    The rapid growth of the market of electrical work is now placing increased demands on electric installation tools. When it comes to professional wiring, the main criteria for the choice of instrument certainly are:...
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