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  • Replace the wiring need to do about eight out of ten cases. This is due first of all   that is the wiring, which sit at home now and...
    Introduction.   Throws/ racing mains there a long time, but in the last 10 years, this problem becomes more and more relevant for our country. This is due, in my opinion, with a...
    Most designers attached great importance to the coverage, considering the light peculiar language of the interior. Because improper use of light can completely distort all the architectural designs, and even the most sophisticated design can...
    With an unpleasant smell in your own home, we have to face, anyway. Suddenly there was a stink in the kitchen, in the bathroom smell, pet shits, Nakuru. Methods of struggle full of: open windows,...
    The mains supply are not stable for a number of objective and subjective reasons. Deviations size or shape of the applied voltage is called distortion or interference. These distortions have different effects on electrical work...
    The dimmer is designed for a smooth change of brightness of conventional light bulbs with a total capacity of up to 1,000 watts. The regulatory element of the scheme (Fig. 6.15) is...
      By the malfunction of water pumps, monitoring systems, hot water boilers, autonomous water and heat supply can cause a voltage drop in the network. It is one of a fairly common cause, which...
      The genset is designed to provide power to consumers within the electrical system and charge the battery when the car engine is running. The output of the generator must be such that under all...
    flexible corrugated pipe Series BL From the composition of the IPA, IP 55, color: black, RAL 9005 The composition of Mon is an environmentally safe material and does not contain any harmful substances; wide operating temperature range from...
      Power company WORMS (France) are collected on the basis of engine Robin (Japan) (6000 hours life of the engine. before the first overhaul), which is specially designed...
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