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    In the countryside, as a rule, there is no sewerage system, and the owner of a country house has to independently solve problems related to the abduction and cleaning   wastewater . Using...
    Bath — One of the major plumbing fixtures, which is in the bathroom. Therefore, a huge selection of baths, it is important to determine what is right for you bath the most. Baths...
    The desire for a comfortable life human. That is why most manufacturers of home appliances from one year to improve its products. Additional options, increased reliability, elegant design - everything is done to make...
                                                          More and more citizens prefer to live in private homes outside the city. At the same urgency, issues related to the engineering equipment of a country house.              in the regeneration...
    Domestic and sanitary engineering? As for the quality of the goods imported and domestically produced, it is impossible to say unequivocally that all our bad, all they - well. Firstly, sometimes only an expert...
    Today, it is impossible to say who for the first time had the idea to block the area around the stationary shower curtain, assumes splashing bathers and hide from prying views. But it is...
    Filters mechanical treatment is a device, preventing the penetration of mechanical foreign bodies that are present in tap water in our domestic network. They should not be confused with the filters for...
    Very close to the time when the appearance of plastic pipes in heating water supply was a real revolution. Among their advantages were called high corrosion resistance; smooth inner surface provides lower compared with...
    Tips for repairing plumbing The rotary tube mixer rubber sealing ring eventually wear out and starts to leak. Place the ring in the groove for a few turns of thread and put a ring...
    Happened to my friend this history. On the eve of March 8 decided to make his wife a gift. And   selected the instantaneous water heater , to a favorite for a while...
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