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    Batching into the mixer.

    Concrete with bootstrapping - unique to the Russian market of machines, commonly used today in more than 140 countries around the world in the manufacture of concrete.
    Concrete with bootstrapping differ from conventional concrete mixers that do not require the application of physical effort for loading raw material into the drum, transporting and unloading concrete. Function material loading, transporting and unloading the product of the radius of 360 degrees laid down in the concrete mixer.


    Concrete with bootstrapping themselves charged with the raw material in the concrete mixing drum is controlled by the electronic dosing system for the production of various grades of concrete. Joint mechanical bucket mixer controlled by the operator from the control room, he takes a raw material and in the hopper itself Bulk material in the concrete mixing drum.

    The blade is installed inside the shovel bucket allows rastarivat   cement bags with no loss of raw materials. No physical efforts of man to load the material into the concrete mixing drum is required. All operations in mixers with bootstrapping produced computer, which not only controls the loading of raw materials, but also provides the right for the production of a particular brand of concrete mixing ratio of the components and their dosage for admission to concrete mixing drum, which guarantees 100% purity of the product manufactured by the brand selected. Once in the drum, the raw materials mixed with water is automatically pumped from the two tanks coupled.


    Quality is guaranteed by the double mixing screw with a pitch of 4 mm type of « T ». Speed ​​and performance are governed from the control room operator, the master computer program. Concrete with bootstrapping transported concrete   based on all-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission Hyromatik-Rexroth 4x4x4, allowing the machine to climb slopes up to 30 degrees, even with a full load.
    Unloading of ready-mixed concrete is carried out on all 4 sides of 360 degrees and a height of over 2 meters. The design of concrete mixers with bootstrapping combines the entire process of manufacturing large concrete batching plants, while remaining the most compact machine in the world that produces more than 100 m3 of concrete per shift. Concrete with bootstrapping is ideal for low-rise, cottage construction and for the construction of large facilities in the most difficult conditions, where the bulky concrete plant can not cope with the task of rationalizing production and minimize costs.
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