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    Central air conditioning systems

    Central air conditioning systems Central air conditioning systems are called, serve several or one large room.

    Developed various types of central air conditioners: type PACKAGED, sectional, self-contained, multi-zone central air conditioning. Consider some of them.

    Air type PACKAGED

    Air conditioning systems with internal type PACKAGED cabinet-type units (sometimes called columns), are used for air treatment in large rooms (concert and conference rooms, shops, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, computer rooms, waiting rooms, ticket offices). As a method of supplying treated air installation of this type are divided into conditioning, feeding processed air under pressure in the ducts of the ventilation system and air conditioning, the treated feed air directly into the volume of the served room.

    multi-zone central air conditioning systems

    In the early 80s a number of leaders in the field of air conditioning companies (Daikin. HITACHI. Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Matsushita (Panasonic/National), and others.) Have developed a new product in the comfort of air conditioning - the so-called system of variable refrigerant flow (VRF), or multi-zone system successfully combines the advantages of autonomous local and central air-conditioning systems.

    Treatment of the air in the room to be ventilated indoor unit is made in a similar technical capabilities and consumer qualities of the indoor unit home or semi-split system. Indoor group (various types and capacities) is connected to the outdoor unit system of insulated copper pipes. The system is completely sealed and does not require refueling coolant. The standard is used as a refrigerant Freon R-22. Control and regulation of temperature and humidity parameters of air is carried out individually for each room. There are several series:

    • The simplest series to operate the indoor units only cooling or dehumidification. These series are manufactured by only a few manufacturing companies (such as Daikin, Sanyo) and are not widely used because of the lack of opportunities to heat the premises served in the transitional periods of the year.
    • Systems to operate as the cooling (dehumidifying) and in heat pump mode (Heat Pump). All indoor units operate one system or the cooling (drying) IPT in heating mode. This design is standard and is the most common for the VRF-systems. Such systems are often referred to as a two-pipe, because of the outdoor unit 2 are pipes (gas and liquid).
    • Systems with the possibility of simultaneous operation of the indoor unit for cooling (dehumidification) and other premises - for heating in heat pump mode. Due to the transfer of heat from the refrigerated space in the heated, these systems work and recovery are called Heat recovery. Structurally, these systems look a bit different compared to standard 2-pipe. Here, the outdoor unit is connected to a group of indoor units not directly but through a special device mode switching < hot-cold & gt ;. Compound of outdoor units and switching devices mode by three conduits (liquid, gas and low pressure gas, high pressure). And that led to the name triple-tube systems with heat recovery.

    The indoor units can be maintained in different rooms Individual temperature regimes. In the systems of different companies used different technical features, providing a connection to a single outdoor unit 2 to 24 inland, the total cooling capacity of the system can reach up to 94 kW, the height difference between indoor and outdoor units can be up to 50 meters. They are used a variety of energy-saving technologies: multi-stage or modulating capacity control (the vast majority of systems are inverter-driven compressors), heat recovery (for the three-pipe systems), energy-efficient heating mode of the heat pump (for our country this is true of all transitional periods for the year).

    Of particular note is that the VRF-systems have a wide range of successful applications - for several rooms a small office or a cottage, and in the high-rise building. VRF-systems are designed as an alternative to central air conditioning. With all the advantages of central air conditioners. VRF-systems have a number of advantages over them as:

    • to accommodate the equipment does not require a special machine room and ventilation chamber, saving the usable area of ​​the building and its useful volume;
    • no need for cumbersome systems of air distribution ducts and isolated as you can supply only sanitary norms oxygen;
    • VRF-systems do not require constant maintenance and upkeep for the purpose of highly qualified maintenance service;
    • control system can be operated with a conventional remote control of an individual user and the central station (optional); at the request of individual air-conditioning system can be controlled from a personal computer;
    • The system is extremely economical, as its performance at each time correspond to the heat load in the room by adjusting the (mainly through the inverter compressor drive);
    • operating costs are always low;
    • provided the maximum level of comfort due to precise temperature control;

    VRF-systems are equipped as standard with powerful highly developed system of self-monitoring and self-diagnosis, which reduces the time for certification and, if necessary - and to troubleshoot problems.

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